Facebook Gift Auto and Gift Scraper accepts and sends every Facebook game request!

Facebook Gift Auto 5.6

Gift Scraper 2.6

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 Our program runs in it's own internal Internet Explorer browser window. This allows you to minimize the program and let it handle the facebook requests while you do other things. GiftAuto has a 'auto check for requests' feature - so you can leave it running while your at work or sleeping.

GiftAuto Why not download GiftAuto and try it yourself for free? Our shareware will handle 100 Facebook requests so you can see how it works. If you decide you want to keep it, it only costs $10 - for a one year subscription. 

GiftScraper - Are you tired of searching for gifts from the Facebook wall? Is someone else claiming the rare gifts before you do? GiftScraper automatically accepts facebook wall gifts!

Imagine being able to send and request gifts even while you are away!

Stop wasting your time and energy accepting and sending all those gifts, let GiftAuto do the work for you

Being able to automate repetitive tasks makes Facebook games more fun

GiftAuto auto accepts every Facebook game request!

Including but not limited to:

(Age Of Champions, Animal Party, Backyard Monsters, Baking Life, BRAAAINS, Cafe Life, Cafe World, Car Town, Castle Age, City of Wonder, CityVille, Coffee Bar, Country Life, Country Story, Crime City, Cupcake Corner, Dream World, Fanglies, Fantasy Kingdoms, Farkle, Farkle 2, Farm Country, Farm Town, FarmVille, Fashion World, FishVille, Fish World, FrontierVille, Gardens of Time, Happy Aquarium, Happy Island, Happy Pets, Happy Slots!, Hotel City, Island Paradise, It Girl, Kingdoms of Camelot, Lucky Train, Mafia Wars, Market Street, Millionaire City, Mobsters, Mobsters 2, Monster World, My Town, My Vinyard, Paradise Life, Pet Society, PetVille, Pirates Ahoy!, Pot Farm, Ranch Town, Ravenwood Fair, Restaurant City, Slot World, Superhero City, Texas HoldEm Poker, Tiki Resort, Treasure Isle, Social City, Sorority Life, Vampire Wars, Warstorm, YoVille, Zoo Paradise, Zoo World)

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