Why Choose Cafe World?

Tips and Tricks 

Cafe World is the newest in a long line of mega-popular casual games on Facebook and MySpace from Zynga. The object of the game is to start and build a cafe using a combination of coins and cash. The trick here is that the cash not only costs real money, it takes a lot of time to get.

Cafe World allows you to run a kitchen, cooking and serving food to others while leveling up and becoming the Iron Chef of your neighborhood. It’s pretty fun, but like most of these games, over time certain tasks can become pretty repetitive.

In addition, the dishes prepared will take hours to make, but if you don’t log back in and serve them, they rot and spoil, wasting all that hard earned coin and cash spent to prepare those dishes. People lose a tremendous amount of money if they play the game wrong and with dozens of different dishes, costs, and time frames, finding the right balance is vital for successful play.

[Note]: A lot of the hacks I found require a program called Cheat Engine 5.5 to utilize. Since Zynga does not stand for this (I can tell by all the copyright claims I’ve seen) I will not be covering any of those. I’ll stick to the clean tips/tricks that won’t get your account banned, if you don’t mind.

1. Cook For Several

When you first start out in Cafe World, you only have 3 stoves and 3 counters to cook and serve with. This means that if you want to serve a lot of people, you should cook something that serves a lot of people. The Super Chunk Fruit Salad, for example, only takes 15 minutes to prepare, yet it serves 100 people. Remember, dishes that take longer to cook also get you more cash.

2. Table Placement Is The Key

Once you start cooking for several, dozens of people are going to flock to your restaurant. If you’re just beginning the Cafe World game, you are going to need to get some more tables and chairs in there as soon as possible. After all, you don’t want people leaving your restaurant in disgust because you couldn’t feed them in time.

3. Door Placement Can Help Too. You want to strategically place multiple doors around your restaurant so as not to create a mess when people come in. They should be able to get to an empty seat, eat, and leave without a problem.

When you aren’t playing Cafe World, another cool Cafe World cheat is to remove the doors altogether. This way, no one can get in your restaurant while you’re gone, and you can keep your satisfaction rating from dropping.

To remove the doors, click Customize and drag them off the screen. They will then disappear. You can place them again when you are ready to re-open.

[Tip]: If you can’t remove the door, try blocking it in some way.

4. Plan For When You’re Away

When you stop playing the game and go to bed for the night, put on a dish that takes 12 hours to cook. This way, when you return to the game you’ll be ready to go with fresh food, allowing you to get things accomplished even in your sleep.

5. Gain Experience From Fast Foods

Once you’ve gained enough money to afford a few stoves, start cooking foods that take a short amount of time to prepare, say 5 minutes. If you need experience points fast, this is a quick and easy way to accomplish that.

6. Looking For Money? Visit Your Friends
A quick way to earn money is by visiting your friends’ restaurants. If you’re waiting for your food to be done, go visit all of your friends’ cafes every day and the coins will add up.

7. Clean Your Stove For FreeTired of paying 15 coins every time you clean a stove? Instead of clicking the stove to clean it, a neat little Cafe World cheats is dragging it to your inventory. When you place the stove back in your cafe, it should be clean already.

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